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Frutselizer (v1.7)

Frutselizer lets you search for high quality NZB files for your favorite (HD)TV series, bluray, HDTV movie, and also for albums and (live) performances and concerts and DVD's and even High Definition material of your favorite artist(s) by combining meta info from online TV, movies and music databases. Frutselizer will take that info and matches this with NZB files, looking for the highest quality possible.

Latest release version (includes series/bluray/movie/cd search): Frutselizer 1.7

Questions? Send an email to: support@20ten.nl

Basic walkthrough

After installing, start the Frutselizer application. Once it's started, you'll find a theTVDB based search area on the left, and on the right a big screen for NZB results, and below that an area for subtitles. To keep track of your favorite series, you can right click on them in the search results, and add them to your favorites. The list of favorites will be loaded each time you start Frutselizer. You can also delete series from the favorite list.

In the left pane you can use the tabs to find either series, movies or music.

Start your search by entering a seriesname in the searchbox, and press the Find button. E.g. let's try to find some 'Californication' episodes. TheTVDB comes up with some alternatives if there are more results. You can select the season, or select a single episode. Episodes marked with a green checkmark are considered 'best pick' and should be the best quality you can find. You can enlarge your selection by unchecking the High Quality checkbox or by bypassing actual Series/Episode info in the entries.Items marked with an 'i' icon contain an .nfo file which usually gives you some more info on the contents discussed. Using the right mouse button you can popup an context menu and either download this NZB, check it's NFO file or even go directly to NZBIndex.nl to check for completeness.

If you select 'Show info' the program will open the NFO for you in a separate window:

Once you made your selection for either a single item or multiple items, select them with the mouse and right-click on 'Download nzb'. This will copy the NZB's to the location specified in the settings (default: My Documents). If you go to the settings and enable the 'Start NZB download after save' option, your favorite usenet client will automatically start downloading items using the NZB. Or, alternatively, if you setup your usenet client to 'listen' to the folder where Frutselizer saves it's NZB's, they will be picked up and downloaded automatically as well.

By selecting a single episode from the TVDB list, Frutselizer will look for that episode only, and will also gather available subtitles. The application tries to match the subtitlename with the NZB name, but you can enhance the results by unchecking the 'Match NZB Quality' checkbox, or change the language you are looking for.

By selecting the 'Movies' tab in the left pane, the program switches to Bluray/HDTV searchmode (the results from your series search will maintain under the 'Series' tab). Same story here, just enter the movie you are looking for, and let Frutselizer find either a high quality bluray copy or HDTV movie for you. The selection and filter criteria can be altered in the settings menu. By default the program is configured to give you the best untouched and untampered material it can find, using the best codecs. If the program can not find any matching items, uncheck the 'High Quality' checkbox and try again. This way the built in quality filters will be bypassed.

Frutselizer searches for your items in different ways, using intelligent matching algorithms like Soundex (phonetic matching). Results are validated on name, nameparts, acronyms and even consonants. Still, it's impossible to find everything. If the poster decided to use an encrypted or symbolic name, it can not be found. Also, if another title uses (parts of) the name you're looking for, chances are it will show up in the results.

Items marked with an 'i' icon contain more info using an .nfo file. Right click the item to view it's contents. In this case we switched to low quality (a re-encoded, custom bluray)

The third option is searching for albums and CD's and concerts/live performances of your favorite artist, by selecting the 'Music' tab. Enter the artist you want to look for, and Frutselizer gathers the albums and any NZB's it can find. Album art is also shown. Again, unchecking the High Quality checkbox may give you more results, but it will usually be in a lower quality.

Switching to 'DVD, HD; Live performances & concerts' will do just that. It will take your selected artist, and starts looking for concerts, live performances, music dvd's and HD material if any. Sometimes even a bluray will show up here!

In this case, our favorite artist is matched against an 1080i HD episode of Saturday Night Live in which they performed. Right click on the 'i' icon if present, could give you some more info on this particular item:

Under the 'Settings' menu you will find basic settings and filters for each searchmode. Here you can change the location of the folder where the NZB's and subtitles will be downloaded. Also here you can adapt the standard filtering. The standard filters will give you maximum quality HDTV series, but you're free to change it if you see fit offcourse :)




On startup and shutdown you will see the About box. If you really like this software, you can register it by clicking on the PayPal button. It will cost you €10,- but you will never see that annoying aboutbox again! Once registered, a registration key will be emailed to you, just copy & paste in the aboutbox and your done!